Environmental Quality

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For Lake Gosiute to have lasted so long in a mountain setting, Love said, an amazing delicacy of crustal balance was required. As the lake bed thickened, it had to subside at an appropriate rate if it was to continue to hold water and accept sediment. Gosiute sediments average about half a mile, top to bottom. The oil is at all levels. The evaporite phase, in the middle, reports a Gosiute of dense and complex brine that was surrounded by mud flats sickeningly attended by the hum of flies. Trona-sodium sesquicarbonate-precipitated out of the brine in concentrations rare in the world. It was discovered in i938, but the boom did not begin until the sixties. We tasted some salty crystals in the rock at Green River, in beds that zakelijke energie vergelijken dipped west and pointed into the ground toward mines. Trona is an important component of ceramics and textiles, pulp and paper, iron and steel, and, most especially, glass. Love commented that more than two tons of trona had been going into the Green River every day merely from the washing of freight cars-and that was a lot of sodium. The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality had put a stop to the practice. He said there had been a brewery in Green River that drew its water from a well drilled to trona. The beer had a head like a stomach tablet. A few miles south of us were the headwaters of the reservoir that covered Flaming Gorge. Before the federal Bureau of Reclamation built a dam there, Flaming Gorge was one of the scenic climaxes of the American West-a sevenhundred-foot canyon in arching Triassic red beds so bright they did indeed suggest flame. Afterward, not much was left but the hiss, and an eyebrow of rock above the water. The reservoir stilled fifty miles of river. Some of the high water penetrates beds of trona. When the reservoir drops, dissolved trona comes out of the rock and drips into the reservoir. When water rises again, it goes back into the rock for more trona. Love said that Lake Powell and zakelijke energie Lake Mead-reservoirs downstream-were turning into chemical lakes as a result. “And a lot of it winds up with the poor farmers in Mexico,” he said. “We are going to have to desalinate their water.”

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