Established tectonic velocities

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Conversely, it is possible to use established tectonic velocities to chart the tracks of hot spots with respect to the overriding plates. Given just one position and one date (the present will do), it is possible to say where, under the world, a hot spot would have been at any time across a dozen epochs. W. Jason Morgan, a geophysicist at Princeton, has sketched out many such tracks and reported them in various publications. Morgan can fairly be described as an office geologist who spends his working year indoors, and he is a figure of first importance in the history of the science. In ig68, at the age of thirty-two, he published one of the last of the primal papers that, taken together, constituted the plate-tectonics revolution. Morgan had ¬†been¬†zakelijke energie trained as a physicist, and his Ph.D. thesis was an application of celestial mechanics in a search for fluctuations in the gravitational constant. Only as a postdoctoral fellow was he drawn into geology, and assigned to deal with data on gravity anomalies in the Puerto Rico Trench. Fortuitously, he was assigned as well an office that he shared for two years with Fred Vine, the young English geologist who, with his Cambridge colleague Drummond Matthews, had discovered the bilateral symmetry of the spreading ocean floor. This insight was fundamental to the revolutionary theory then developing, and sharing that office with Fred Vine drew Morgan into the subject-as he puts it-“with a bang.” A paper written by H. W. Menard caused him to begin musing on his own about great faults and fracture zones, and how they might relate to theorems on the geometry of spheres. No one had any idea how the world’s great faults-like, say, the zakelijke energie vergelijken San Andreas and Queen Charlotte faultsmight relate to one another in a system, let alone how the system might figure in a much larger story. Morgan looked up the work of field geologists to learn the orientations of great faults, and found remarkable consistencies across thousands of miles.

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