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“Out here, Uncle Sam is a gnat under a blanket compared to Uncle Pete. The Union Pacific had the best of it. This Miocene Ogallala formation was the youngest of the high-plains deposits that lapped onto the mountain front. It’s subtle and seems academic until you try to build a railroad. This is the only place in the whole Rocky Mountain front where you can go from the Great Plains to the summit of the mountains without snaking your way up a mountain face or going through a tunnel. This one feature had more to do with the building of the West than any other factor. I don’t diminish the importance of the Oregon Trail, but here you had everything going for you. This point hasn’t been made before.” When the railroad was built, it was given (by the federal govemment) fifty per cent of the land in a forty-mile swath along its route-in checkerboard fashion, one square mile in every two. Uncle Pete is so big that he has spun off, among many things, the Rocky Mountain Energy Company, the Upland Industries Corporation, the Champlin Petroleum Company, and enough unmined uranium to send zakelijke energie Wyoming to the moon. In Cheyenne, the Union Pacific station and the state capitol face each other at opposite ends of Capitol Avenue. The Union Pacific station came out of the Laramie Range, forty miles west, and, like the range itself, is sheathed in the russet Pennsylvanian sandstone and has a foundation of Precambrian granite. At least as imposing as the capitol, it is a baronially escutcheoned mountain of grandeur. Indians, of course, had used the gangplank for who knows how long before General Dodge surprised them on the Laramie summit. They had crossed it on their journeys from the Great Plains to the Laramie Basin and on up to hunting grounds in the Medicine Bow Mountains. And the Indians, from the beginning, were themselves following a trail. Buffalo discovered the gangplank. “It was a buffalo trail,” Love said. “Buffalo were the real zakelijke energie vergelijken trailmakers-trails you wouldn’t believe. They were as good as the best civil engineers. It remains true today. If you’re in Yellowstone, in the backcountry, and you have trouble finding your way across swamps, mountains, and thermal areas, you look for a buffalo trail and you’ll get through.” Beside Interstate 80 on the gangplank, a sign said, “GAME CROSSING.”

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