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People like that came along with such frequency that David’s mother eventually assembled a chronicle called “Murderers I Have Known.” She did not publish the manuscript, or even give it much private circulation, in her regard for the sensitivities of some of the first families of Wyoming. As David would one day comment, “they were nice men, family friends, who had put away people who needed killing, and she did not wish to offend them-so many of them were such decent people.” One of these was Bill Grace. Homesteader and cowboy, he was one of zakelijke energie vergelijken the most celebrated murderers in central Wyoming, and he had served time, but people generally disagreed with the judiciary and felt that Bill, in the acts for which he was convicted, had only been “doing his civic duty.” At the height of his fame, he stopped at the ranch one afternoon and stayed for dinner. Although David and Allan were young boys, they knew exactly who he was, and in his presence were struck dumb with awe. As it happened, they had come upon and dispatched a rattlesnake tlmt day-a big one, over five feet long. Their mother decided to serve it creamed on toast for dinner. She and their father sternly instructed David and Allan not to use the word “rattlesnake” at the table. They were to refer to it as chicken, since a possibility existed that Bill Grace might not be an eater of adequate sophistication to enjoy the truth. The excitement was too much zakelijke energie for the boys. Despite the parental injunction,
gradually their conversation at the table fished its way toward the snake. Casually-while the meal was going down-the boys raised the subject of poisonous vipers, gave their estimates of the contents of local dens, told stories of snake encounters, and so forth. Finally, one of them remarked on how very good rattlers were to eat. Bill Grace said, “By God, if anybody ever gave me rattlesnake meat I’d kill them.” The boys went into a state of catatonic paralysis. In the pure silence, their mother said, “More chicken, Bill?” “Don’t mind if I do,” said Bill Grace.

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